Spring Design For Journalism – Section 1

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Project Brief:

The purpose of my project was to make a two page magazine layout that went along with the Magazine Cover I previously designed for this class.

The audience for this article, would obviously be the same audience for my magazine:  Study Abroad, Rome.  Basically, it is targeting the college community- specifically Juniors and Seniors- since that is when most people actually study abroad.  But, the magazine (and therefore, Article) would be appropriate for any student interested in study abroad in Europe.  While abroad, many students travel all over Europe- so reading about Rome wouldn’t be pointless.  And, just like I stated before- each month the magazine would focus on a different study abroad location- this one just happens to be Rome!

I think my Layout incorporates the principles of Design.  For contrast, I use fonts in the same family but not exactly the same – and I also use Blue and Yellow, which contrast eachother.  As for Repetition- I repeat the colors (blue and yellow) that are seen in the large photo which is included in the layout.  The yellow is also seen on the magazine cover- and the blue is in the picture of the magazine cover (but not in any font on the cover).  Alignment- I picked one and stuck to it- which Robin Williams says to do!  And lastly, Proximity- appropriate things are put together.  For instance, the photo of the bakery is placed in the layout after the interview talks about the “best bakery in the world!”

I actually had to do some research for this project, Libby Peck is a friend of mine- so I was able to ask her questions non-stop, I didn’t want to sound like an idiot while I was writing a fabricated story which turned out to be real!

I don’t think anything I wrote could really be offensive.  I mean, I quoted a blog post Libby had which was bashing Rome, but hey- if someone is going to study abroad–they really should know the ups and downs.

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April 14, 2010 at 2:12 am

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