Spring Design For Journalism – Section 1

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Orange You Glad? -Stacey Naughton’s Double Truck

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Project Brief: The purpose of this project was to create a double truck that somehow incorporated my magazine cover. I believe I have done this by taking my cover girl and creating a layout and story about her. The front cover talks about how a diet changed Shelby Naughton’s life and the inside article is about her struggling with being overweight and how a diet she created changed her life.

My audience for this article is college-aged students looking for an easy way to stay fit and healthy. Most young adults I know don’t eat as healthy as they should, so I thought an article that talks about a diet that uses fruit in every recipe would be interesting and appealing. The article talks about a book that Shelby created that has easy recipes to make. Most college-aged kid’s ears perk up when they hear the word easy so that would also catch their eye.  My choice of using Shelby’s picture goes along with using her picture on the cover. A person cannot doubt that this article is about the cover girl. The reader will see this slim girl and read the subhead saying she lost six pant sizes. This petite girl doesn’t even look like she’s over 100 pounds, let alone could she have ever been overweight. The reader will be intrigued and want to read more.

I believe my design reflects CRAP by using monochromatic colors. The oranges in the same color family match each other and the orange in the picture for repetition. I have one bold font with a script font underneath for contrast. I think the headline and subhead are fun to read and really make a person curious about what the article is about.

This is a fictional article so I did not have much research to do. I just thought that using the word ‘orange’ instead of ‘aren’t you’ was a cute and clever way to draw the reader in. My sister does enjoy cooking recipes with fruit in them though and often cooks them for my family and friends. Since it is summer not many people like cooking since it is too hot out which is why I wanted to do an article about fruit because in many recipes fruit does not even have to be cooked.

I do not think this would be an offensive article because it is about a young girl telling her story and how she wants to help change people lives. Weight-loss is a sensitive subject, but since the story is about a girl who lost a tremendous amount of weight she would more than likely like to brag and share her success story. I want people to read this story and be inspired.

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April 7, 2010 at 9:52 pm

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