Spring Design For Journalism – Section 1

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Magazine Layout

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Magazine Layout Assignment
Due: April 13th
150 points

Use Adobe InDesign to create a two-page, double-truck magazine layout. You must hand in a completed layout in InDesign format to your lab instructor, and post a .jpg image of your layout and your project brief to the class blog.

1. One main image and at least one secondary image
2. Photo credits
3. Headline
4. Subhead
5. Byline
6. Pull quote
7. Story (with COLUMNS!)

Overall Design – 30 points
How well did your layout display your knowledge of CRAP – Contrast, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity? How well did your use of these four basic principles work to attract the average eye, organize the magazine’s information, give the layout a clean look and a clear structure?

Story Presentation – 20 points
How well was the story organized? Did the story have each of the required elements, listed above? Did each element work well alone and also as a package?

Color – 20 points
How well did the colors work for the type of magazine you chose to create? How well did the colors you chose work with one another to provide not only a color theme, but also contrast from the other elements on the page?

Typography – 20 points
How well did the type you created work for the type of magazine you chose to create? Was the type legible? Did you create contrast between very different elements through your type choice? Did you repeat type settings for elements that are alike in your layout?

Description – 10 points
How well did you explain your understanding of the design, color and typography choices you made?

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