Spring Design For Journalism – Section 1

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Magazine Assignment

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Magazine Assignment
Due: March 24 at the BEGINNING OF CLASS
100 points

Use Adobe PhotoShop to design the front cover of a magazine that reflects the magazine’s intended audience.. The cover must have an ORIGINAL logo (you can NOT take a pre-existing logo from the Internet and use it as your own), at least one image or graphic, an issue/edition number, and at least three sell lines. The finished cover is to be published to the class blog, along with a description that explains the idea or message that you were trying to communicate and the design choices you made to do it. Please email me the high res jpg of your project.

Design – 30 points
How well did your magazine cover display your knowledge of CRAP – Contrast, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity (page 13 in Williams’ Non-Designer’s Design Book? How well did your use of these four basic principles work to attract the average eye, organize the magazine’s information, give the cover a clean look, and create a clear structure?

Color – 20 points
How well did the colors work for the type of magazine you chose to create? How well did the colors you chose work with one another to provide not only a color theme, but also contrast among the logo and three sell lines?

Typography – 20 points
How well did the type you created work for the type of magazine you choise to create? Did you vary the type between the logo and sell lines? Among the sell lines to emphasize certain words or stories?

Overall Presentation – 20 points
How well did the magazine cover, as a whole, reflect the magazine’s intended audience? How appealing was the cover to look at?

Description – 10 points
How well did you explain your understanding of the design, color and typography choices you made?

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